Wednesday, November 25, 2009

K'NEX 400 Pieces Tub

With a husband in construction and two boys in the house, we do a lot of building. We have blocks everywhere and it is so fun to see what Bill and the boys will create next.

Except, JR, our "baby Godzilla", often finds more joy in destroying what Little Dude has worked so hard to create, rather than creating himself, much to Little Dude's dismay. On these occasions I do have to referee, because it is the one thing that will get them fighting (Little Dude) and biting (JR).

So when I got the chance to try out the K'NEX 400 Pieces Tub, I honestly wasn't terribly excited. I mean, after all, we already have TONS of building blocks, and it already causes enough of a fight when the "buildings" get knocked down.

You know what though? K'NEX are different-they snap together! They are easy to do! AND they withstand a swat from baby Godzilla!!! I know. I'm in love. Little Dude can snap them together all by himself, and the K'NEX 400 Pieces Tub comes with an instruction book with ideas for 20 different models, AND it works with other brands, like Lego!! How awesome is that? The K'NEX 400 Piece Tub also comes with lots of movement parts-wheels on the cars, propeller on airplanes, Ferris Wheel and merry go round spin in encourage after building play. Awesomee.

Building toys, like K'NEX, stimulate creativity and curiosity, offers open ended building activities to encourage imagination, has easy snap rods and connectors plus bricks to help develop and strengthen fine motor skills and enhance hand eye coordination. Also, the flexible building system lest your child explore and build both 2D and 3D models.

The suggested price is $20.99 and you can by it at Target, Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us.

Would you like to WIN some K'NEX? You can enter the K'NEXion video contestt (see official rules here) from until Dec 7th-simply put the video on your own blog or website and submit the link with a completed entry form to,. Learn more here.

Good luck!

*I was given a 400 Pieces Tub for product testing but was not paid for this review*

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Love with Michael Buble

I recently got to review the new Michael Buble cd, CRAZY LOVE, and is it cheesy for me to say it's love?

Crazy Love featured two original songs-written by Michael-and fantastic covers of some of my very favorite era themed songs. All I Do Is Dream Of You is a song I have loved forever-it is from my favorite movie ever, Singing In The Rain, with Gene Kelly. It was one of the very first DVDs I bought and it is very well loved. But I digress.

Hearing Michael sing All I Do Is Dream Of You gives the song a really wonderful breath of fresh air, with a great jazzy band playing accompaniment. Crazy Love starts off with cords that remind me of a James Bond theme, which goes well the the lyrics.

Oh and my NEW very favorite song in the world? I Just Haven't Met You Yet. This song was written by Michael Buble AND features a marching band in the video, which I added in below so you can all hear and see why CRAZY LOVE is playing all the time at my house AND in my car now.

Doesn't that just make you want to dance? You can buy CRAZY LOVE now by going here:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Myth Busters Weird World of Water

My sons LOVE bath time. Really, they love anything to do with water. We had a fire pit party with our neighbors last week, where we cooked smores. The kids enjoyed the smores, of course, but you know what my sons REALLY loved? Helping me spray down the area around the firepit with WATER.

I have a coupled of water lovers on my hands, so when I got to try out the Mythbusters Weird World of Water science kit, it was a HUGE hit. The Mythbusters Weird World of Water science kit goes through hands on, kid appropriate discovery experiments that show the different sides of water. Freezing, Boiling, and Turning into gas were big hits for my sons.

Though JR was a little young, he, of course, wanted to take part, so for most of the experiments we worked through over the past week, he got to observe, though was too young for hands on items. He could touch the water before and after freezing, but I doubt he understood that the ice was the water he had splashed earlier; however, he had a ton of fun!

Little Dude LOVED doing all the experiments, and he really enjoyed doing the "school" type projects and loved getting to stand in a chair and observe how boiling water became steam.

The kit was super great; though I would suggest that older kids would enjoy it even more and would get to have a more "hands on" approach; whereas I did most of the experiments while Little Dude had to watch (like boiling the water, he obviously could not be at the stove, though I did let him stand on a chair by the table so he could be tall enough to see everything, but too far way to possibly touch it.)

The Weird World of Water kit also lets you test the power of whirlpools (THAT is COOL), create a liquid rainbow (which Little Dude said was for GIRLS) and launch your own water-powered rocket (Little Dude gave it a "TOTALLY DOMINANT" rating.)The rocket I had to mostly do myself, since Little Dude seemed too young to do it.

The Mythbusters science kits are available now at Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart for around $19.99

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition

I am one of the biggest Disney fans out there. I even got to work at Disney World as an intern when I was in college, and I often joke that since Bill's company has an office in Orlando, we really have to get transferred there!

So, when I got the chance to review the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition Blu-Ray, I was so excited. But trust me, I already own Snow White-I bought it back in 2001 (the last time it was released, which was while I was in college, not married, and no kids) and I can still some of my friends thinking I was so weird, though in the last few years they have all come knocking on my door to borrow tons of my Disney movies for their kids.

Anyways, I was excited, mostly because I JUST got a Blu-Ray player for my husband for his birthday, and partly because I knew I probably would not have ever bought Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-Ray, since I already own the regular DVD. And because I figured that Blu-Ray really couldn't make a difference on such an old, hand-drawn cartoon. Ohhhh boy, was I WRONG.

I am SO GLAD I was able to see what a difference Blu-Ray made! I seriously though that there was no way to improve upon on old movie with fancy High Definition technology. I thought that it pretty much was what it was. So, when I got the Blu-Ray in the mail, I immediately popped it in our player, and watched it. STUNNING.

Though I have to mention I wasn't a fan of the Disney View (where they added side background art so you could see it as a widescreen presentation without black edges). Since we use a projector and watch the movies up on a big screen (yes, I am a movie freak and love the theater experience in our home, widescreen is always my choice of movie format.) The added background space was lovely, but I'm a purist when it comes to movies-I like their original forms. Movies with added new songs? Hate. Movies with added deleted scenes? Hate. Old black and white movies with added color? Hate. I found the added artwork one the sides distracting, so I didn't like the Disney View, though if you like the above mentioned items, you probably would love it. And if you are like me, don't worry, you can play the movie with our without Disney View added.

OK, so back to Blu-Ray. I LOVED the movie-everything was so crisp and clean, but the real shock came when I watched my old DVD from 2001. I saw flaws I had not noticed until I compared it with the Blu-Ray. Like scratches in the drawings that showed up throughout the film, or how the color was not so bright, or how grainy everything was. I really was blown away at the difference the Blu-Ray presentation made.

And what was really fun with the Blu-Ray? Coming out TODAY, the combo pack includes the regular DVD as well, for use in your car, or to give to grandparents (or as the one you loan out to friends; seems half my Disney movies are with the friends that used to poke fun at me for buying them way back in the day) AND tons of bonus features, including a look at Walt Disney's original studio and the birth of Snow White. (As a movie buff, I LOVED watching that). AND-this is HUGE-Blu-Ray is more kid friendly. That's right, it is TOUGH to scratch or mess up, so you don't have to worry as much about the movie getting ruined and skipping! Hallelujah!

Also, Disney has taken full advantage of the Blu-Ray technology by creating the option for a customizable Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition experience for viewers. The Magic Mirror will guide you through the menu, remember what you have seen, where you left off in the film if you stop while watching it, where you left off in bonus features, and remind you of other parts of the DVD and bonus features you need to check out. Pretty cool!

Needless to say, I am all over the Blu-Ray craze now. I see why so many guys in Best Buy are drooling over the high def items-it really does make an amazing difference, and not just with new movies created for high def, but old movies as well. I will certainly be out getting my favorite Disney movies on Blu-Ray now and passing my regular DVD's on to others. Don't have a Blu-Ray player? (Well, you really should try to save up for one, trust me it is worth it...) Don't worry, November 24 the regular DVD version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is coming out for a limited time. I would highly suggest getting the Blu-Ray combo pack though, because for only $10.00 more than the regular DVD, it comes with with the Blu-Ray DVD, the bonus features Blu-Ray DVD, and the regular DVD. Pretty nice deal, if you ask me!

Want to experience "The Fairest of them All" in the most beautiful and breathtaking presentation ever? You can go out now and get your own Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition where movies are sold, but only for a limited time. So even if you don't have kids yet, but think you might in the next 8 or 9 years, you better go buy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs now, because I won't be letting this Blu-Ray out of my sight anytime soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks

I received the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks for free in exchange for my review.

Now that I have two boys, aged 3 and 1, I usually only buy white socks. Why? Well, because I am awful at losing socks, and I swear there really is a monster in the dryer eating up all the socks. So, to keep it simple, I buy the same type socks in the boring white color.

Now though, after having SO much fun with the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks, I had to buy a couple more pairs for the boys. I received one pair free (see the picture of JR wearing them on my main blog) that fit JR, and so I ordered 2 pairs for Little Dude and another pair for JR. The best part? The size is on the sock.

Because even though I solve the missing socks and different sock sizes problem by just sticking with one color, it is still annoying to sort them, since the boys feet are close in size already.

So, with Zonni ConFEETi 3D Socks, the boys get CUTE animals and characters on their feet PLUS I get the skid proof textured bottom that displays the sock size, for easy, quick sorting.

I've also washed them a few times already and they have stayed just as soft and snuggly while the textured bottom has not torn or cracked, which was the one complaint I had with the textured bottom socks you can find at Target or Walmart. (Those seemed to crack or tear after just the first few washes).

Looking for some fun socks as a baby shower gift, or even just as a fun item for your kids to enjoy? Then I highly reccomend the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks, and you can buy them here. Who knew kids could enjoy playing with socks? JR is in love with his puppy dog ones, and so am I!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eating Right Kids

I work part time from home, which is really hard to do with my two little boys. I love my job, and I love that I get to stay home with my sons, but meshing the two together can be a huge juggling act.

Something that will now be making my life easier? Eating Right Kids, a new food line from Safeway and Warner Brothers. Eating Right Kids is a line of affordable, healthy, quick food choices for busy families. What I love? My sons love the fun characters on the packages-can anyone say no to Bugs Bunny?-and by seeing the label, I can trust that the foods are nutritious,healthy, packed with vitamins, and free of harmful additives.

Sounds like I have a new time saver, and I am so happy that my grocery shopping has just gotten a little easier. Now instead of spending time staring at labels, trying to decipher serving sizes, saturated fats, and figure out what the dirxanthexWhatChaMaCallIt additives ARE, I can spend that time doing more important stuff. Like enjoying a fun picnic at the park, chasing the boys around, or even finding some quiet time to myself(I can dream).

Would you like to make sure your kids are Eating Right Kids? Keep an eye out for the Eating Right Kids products coming to grocery stores now.

My kids were able to try the ravioli (made with wheat and veggies), the granola bar (packed with vitamins and low fat/low sugar), all natural 100% juice drink and the fruit cups (in real fruit juice, not syrup) and it all disappeared FAST. There wasn't even any left for me to try! .

But I don't mind, seeing my kids eat every last bit of whole wheat pasta and veggies is enough of a taste test for me and the Eating Right Kids food products will now staples in our pantry.

*I was given the Eating Right Kids food items, ravioli, granola bar, fruit cup and juice drink for free in exchange for my review.*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TRIO Blocks by Fisher Price

My little boys love building with everything and anything they can get their hands on. My downstairs often looks like a construction zone, as towers, tents, tunnels and more are created and in progress constantly.

My husband enjoys the building fun, as well, though my Tupperware was not always as happy. Now though, we can have even more fun, thanks to the new Fisher Price TRIO blocks! TRIO blocks are created with kids aged 3 and up, but they don't have the "baby" feel that younger aged Lego's have.

My son, Little Dude, even decided that the TRIO blocks are for "big boys" while the larger building Lego type blocks we also have have been labeled "baby toys". Can you tell he is in love? Oh he is. He has already pointed out how he NEEDS the Fisher Price TRIO construction set for Christmas...

What is different though about these blocks? They are EASY to snap together and build with AND they are a great shape and size for older children that are still just a little young for Lego's (or any other type small building blocks). TRIO building blocks also come in great packages, like construction, castle, and more, to create fun building adventures.

And unlike duplos or Legos, there are no tiny pieces to lose, and there is a great starter kit that comes with a storage box. Also, when you build with the TRIO blocks, you can create all kinds of things, from robots to towers, cars and planes, and you can get great instructions online or with your set to create an endless amount of creativity.

Little Dude even created a plane all by himself, after a few pointers from the instruction pamphlet.

These are the one blocks that I don't have to snap together or constantly get apart for Little Dude; however, they are also so fun and easy that I enjoy sitting forever and building with the boys! JR, though younger than the age the blocks are designed for (he is 15 months) also enjoys playing while supervised (Kids that might still try to eat the blocks should be supervised; they could choke!)The pieces are easy enough to snap together that JR can also join in the fun, but the blocks are also sturdy enough that he can't completely destroy whatever Little Dude builds with a swat. THAT is nice for mama!

Would you like to get some TRIO blocks for your children? Then enter my contest! Leave a comment telling me what TRIO set you like the best, and you will be entered to win the Fisher Price TRIO starter set with storage box!

The contest ends on September 25th. Have fun building!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Melissa and Doug Puzzles

A few weeks ago I was asked to test toys for a company called ebeanstalk. They sent out a number of baby toys and toys for 1 year olds to everyday moms for their review. Through reviews such as mine, this helps ebeanstalk select great learning toys . The toy they sent was the Geometric Shapes Puzzle from Melissa and Doug, who makes lots of wooden toys.

I was so excited when we were sent the Melissa and Doug Geometric Shapes puzzle to review with JR. I just love puzzles, but since JR is only a year old, we were not able to play with any of the other ones we had because they all had some pieces that were still small enough for JR to put in his mouth.

So, whenever Little Dude wanted to play with his puzzles, we would have to make sure JR was either napping or in another room, otherwise he would find a way to chew on a puzzle piece!

When the large Melissa and Doug Geometric Shapes came,from, my worries about JR eating the pieces was put to rest. The pieces are LARGE and they have great nobs that are perfect for JR's little hands to grasp and move. The puzzle is also great because the shapes are color coded, as well, making it a great tool for teaching shapes AND colors. Jr is just in love with it, and that makes me love it, too. You can watch JR loving his new Melissa and Doug puzzle below:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marketing In The New Media

When I first became a mom, I stayed at home while carefully watching the budget. Luckly, I stumbled into a work from home job doing website copy writing and marketing, letting us relax just a little on the budget.

So, when the Self-Counsel Press offered to have me review Marketing In The New Media, I was pretty excited. Since marketing for the internet is what I learn about and do everyday, I was interested to see how informative the author, Holly Berkley, was while presenting cutting edge internet marketing tips.

Rest assured, if you are looking for a book that covers tips on how to increas online exposure and sales, boost website traffic, and use consumer-generated social media to build page rank and readership, then Marketing In The New Media is your resource!

Holly Berkly has more than 10 years as a website producer and Internet marketing consultant, and helped create Vantage Internet Services. In Marketing In The New Media, she will teach you how to:
*Get the most out of Social Network Sites
*Reach high rankings in today's top search engines
*Learn how to form personal relationships with your customers with e-newletters
*Understand how to sponsor podcasts, video files, and video games
*Explore the world of mobile marketing, ie texting, Twitter, Facebook, and generate the most traffic from it
*Discover the secrets of successful website design and why it is key

No matter what company you have, you can no longer deny the power of Internet marketing and in order to survive a slow economy, you must take advantage of new, technology based advertising and customer analyzing.

Would you like to see if the tips in Marketing In The New Media can help you with marketing your website or business? Then leave a comment here or tweet me, I'm @michez, to win your own copy!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Do The Web Write

Do The Web Write is a wonderfully written business book from the Self Counsel Press Business Series. It covers tips, advice, and instructions on:

*Writing for and marketing your webite
*Writing persuasively for the web
*Marketing your website effectively
*Getting found by your target market

What makes this business stand out from others? It is funny! The author, Dan Furman, is an genius at capturing your attention while explaining a normally not-so-entertaining subject.

Mr. Furman does an amazing job of simplifing the rather complicated steps, skills, and processes you have to follow in order to write persuasive web copy. He expertly guides you on how to write for blogs, websites, landing pages, sales pages, and set your webite up for maximum conversion with page order, and information presentation.

And the best part? He keeps it entertaining, so you don't even want to put the book down! What better way to learn some important current web skills then by having a few laughs while you do it?

To learn about Do The Web Write, check out the Self Counsel Press site at, and to win your own copy of Do The Web Write, leave a comment below or tweet me @michez.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creative Services Business

Ever since I started working from home, I am repeatedly asked how I found my job. How did I do it? My brother-in-law. He worked for my boss as a computer coder, and when they needed extra writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I was hired. (It helped I had a B.A in English)

But if it hadn't been for my brother-in-law, I don't know that I would have even known where to start searching for a job I could work at home in my free time. What I would have needed was Start And Run A Creative Services Business, by Susan Kirkland.

In Start And Run A Creative Services Business, published by Self Counsel Press, is THE resource for figuring how how to turn your creative skills into a job. Learn how to become a freelance business owner, how to build your client lists and lock in loyal repeat business, and how to market your creative skills worldwide.

You will also learn:
*How to make money designing logos, corporate promotional materials, websites and advertisements
*What to do when clients don't pay
*How to start freelancing in an economic slump
*Create an electronic portfolio
*Target your market niche online
*How to distinguih yourself form the competition
*Tips, Techniques, Equipment, and more to start living them dream of self employment!

Would you LOVE to work as your own boss, or find a way to free lance and work at home? Then leave a comment here or tweet me, I'm @michez to win your own copy of Start And Run A Creative Services Business!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock of Ages Soundtrack

I love musicals. Any and all, whenever I hear about the "Broadway South" shows coming through our hometown, I start the sweet begging to see one.

My amazing hubby has been so wonderful in taking me to one show almost every year, and making sure we get great seats. We dress up, go eat, (maybe even do a double date night with some friends!) and then go enjoy the show. Yes, my hubby is a keeper, because, you see, he lothes musicals.

He did admit he liked the props for Miss Siagon, but I think that might have been because I kept trying to point out things he must have liked.

When I got to review the Rock of Ages Original Broadway Cast Recording, I knew my husband would roll his eyes and laugh while knowing that he would soon be taking me to see yet another "girl show" (as he calls them). So, while he made fun of me, I popped the CD into the car player, and sat back to watch his expression.

Boy, oh boy, did he respond! First, he quit making fun of me, and actually started to listen to the soundtrack. Then, realizing that Poision and White Snake hits where part of the soundtrack, he shushed me and started looking at the CD cover.

"So what do you think? " I asked.

"I LIKE it", sweet hubby replied.

That is the best review I can ever give a Broadway soundtrack. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Broadway, and I am still sad I missed the 2006 tour of Lion King due to the birth of our son.

My husband though? He is your typical man's man. He loves doing manly stuff, getting dirty, building things, and going to musicals with me because it makes me happy.

But the Rock of Ages soundtrack might be turning him into a Broadway fan. Yes, Rock of Ages, a play set in 1987 in the legendary Sunset Strip rock club tells the story of a small town girl meeting a big city dream and falling in love to songs we all heard growing up: Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, pat Benatar, Foreigner, Twisted Sister, Poson, Asia, and Whitsnake.

But you know what my husband (and I) really LOVED about the Rock of Ages soundtrack? The 22 songs aren't cheesy remakes of classic metal rock, but instead are wonderful, heartfelt presentations of the classics with story telling through the music and actors that allows you to enjoy the love story of the Broadway show just by simply playing the CD.

Yes, Rock of Ages Original Broadway Cast Recording is the soundtrack that will make straight men love Broadway.

Making of Soundtrack video:

Link to buy album:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jump Start

I work on the computer, but somehow I never quite thought my toddler would be able to get around on it-boy was I wrong!

When I was offered the chance to try out and review, I was a little hesitant, because I really thought my son would be too young to get much from an educational online game-but again, boy was I wrong!

Jump Start is FANTASTIC for teaching kids, the award-winning adventure-based 3D virtual world is personalized, imaginative and really entertaining, all the while teaching math, reading, and critical thinking skills so kids get a real "jump start" in life.

Since I used to teach preschool, I understand how much of an advantage getting that little "jump start" on understanding basic math, letters, and critical thinking can be your our children once they start school. Not only will having these basic school skills learned give your child confidence in their new surroundings-which may be a bit of shock if they didn't go to day care or preschool-they will also give your child a strong basis for learning the next level!

What is also great about Jump Start? You have to register and your kid's profiles stay private, so you don't have to worry about their personal information ending up on the internet somewhere. Your kids can play in virtual worlds, work on their math skills and learn valuable life lessons-like the Golden Rule-while also having a world of fun! The best part? You can print out progress reports of how your child is doing at the game and what skills they might need extra help with. How wonderful is that? So while your child thinks they are just having fun on the computer, you can enjoy the fact they are learning, and you can learn what skills you need to spend extra working with them to improve! Fantastic! is created by an award winning early childhood learning company, and provided me with a free trial of to try out with Little Dude, who is not yet 3. This review was not paid and the online interactive world of is geared for ages 3-10. You can find out more about joining Jump Start here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Primrose Schools

Before I started staying at home with my munchkins, I worked as a day care provider for other people's munchkins and loved every second of it. In fact, if Bill's job had not transferred him to Tennessee shortly before Little Dude was due to be born, I would have gone back to work at the day care and just taken Little Dude with me. I loved my job that much and knew he would have a blast with the other teachers I worked with.

I loved working at the preschool/day care I worked at, and becoming an "adopted" part of each of my children's families was a huge honor. In fact, I still keep in touch with the majority of parents whose children I cared for over the years I worked.

So, I was super excited when Primrose Schools contacted me and asked me to take some time to review their preschool and new blog on early childhood expert tips and fun by Dr. Mary Zurn at Can I tell you I am in love with Primrose Schools? I really enjoyed the preschool system I worked with, and would go back to working there in a heartbeat; however, Primrose Schools has so much to offer, like Spanish, Music, Physical Fitness and special programs for children with special learning needs.

My favorite part of Primrose Schools is their Balanced Approach to Learning. Most preschools/day cares go too far one way or the other. Some are purely child lead learning, and others are purely teacher lead learning-but Primrose has figured out the best way. They have a balance of child lead and teacher lead learning to help your child get the most time dedicated to what they are interested in while still getting the instruction and direction to try learning new things.

Their new blog, is a great resource, too. You can find summer time boredom solutions, rainy day activities, and you can ask Dr. Z all your early childhood questions. I know I will be calling on Dr. Z for help in busting the apartment boredom blues!

You can check out Dr. Z's blog now to get instructions on 10 summer time activities your children are sure to enjoy and you are sure to enjoy creating with them. Have fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Iddy Biddy steps for a Greener World can be made by your children, thanks The Nature Conservancy! Idbids is a fun group of soft, plush toys and each one represents a different part of nature. With the purchase of each kit, a child can enter a code online that will help protect the habitats of animal friends through The Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion Trees campaign, Adopt an Acre® or Rescue the Reef® programs AND your child can play along at!

We got Waverly, the Water Drop Idbid, and he helps with The Nature Conservancy's Rescue the Reef® program. Once you buy Waverly, a donation to the program is made and you are able to go online to with your personal code (that Waverly comes with) so you can pick out one of Waverly's friends and learn about how to help take care of your new friend's habitat.

The Idbids site is such a great learning tool for all ages of children, and my 3 year old just LOVED picking out a friend, naming him (Little Dude picked the clown fish and named him Nemo) and learning all about where "Nemo" lived. It was great fun for me, too, as my son and I got to explore and learn about how to "save Nemo".

So Little Dude is enchanted with Waverly, the Water Drop and I am too because of all the learning he is inspiring in my son (and me!) But most of all I love Waverly because he is an Organic USDA certified handcrafted toy. That means I don't have to worry about my youngest son chewing on Waverly, or wonder if it is OK for Little Dude to be sleeping with Waverly. Waverly is made with conserving nature in mind, so he is made out of organic cotton and the tag is printed in the US on recycled paper with eco friendly inks.

How's that for a company being responsible? You can learn how to get your Idbid at The Nature Conservancy and you can buy your own Idbid at

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avon And Suze Orman

So remember how I got to talk to Suze? Yea, it was pretty awesome to talk to her about my financial questions on saving for the future. I am still in awe I got picked to sit on the panel of great women bloggers that got to interview her.

And you know was is really cool? Suze has teamed up with Avon to promote Avon as a way for busy working women (like us moms!) to earn extra money by working as little or as much as we want.

Well, you may be saying, yea, that's OK, but what is cool about that? It's cool because I have a bag of Avon goodies to give away to one of my awesome readers!!!

Cool, eh?

I had actually never used Avon before, because honestly I have horrible skin. It is fine if I don't wear makeup, but as soon as I put any foundation or blush on, the next day I am sure to break out. So for the most part, I don't wear much makeup. I only wear it for those special occasions, like dinner out with Bill, or at weddings. Other than that, I skip it.

But you know what? I got to try out some Avon myself, (as a little perk of participating in on the Suze Orman interview) and I am in LOVE. I have worn it every day for the past week and not had a breakout yet! The mineral foundation is just amazing (and I have never tried mineral foundation before, but I really love it now) and the great lipsticks stayed on but didn't stain every cup I drank from. Fabulous!

Now I am sure you are asking how you can win the goodie bag, right? It is easy! All you have to do is email me at OR leave a comment here sharing a story about your first time wearing make up.

Mine? The first time I wore full make up was to Prom my freshman year of high school; it completely made me feel like a if only my mom hadn't had to chaperone....but that is another story.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diane Birch: Bible Belt

I was lucky enough to get picked to review Diane Birch's Bible Belt CD, which hit stores this week! I have to say a huge thank you the One 2 One Network for getting me involved in this great promotion.

I have to admit, that when I first started listening to the Bible Belt soundtrack, I was not sure what to expect, and the jazzy mix of blues and soul that belted out surprised me because 1: I had not realized it was a blues CD 2: I liked it! And I am not usually a blues fan.

If you like Nora Jones or Diana Krull, you'll probably like this album. It's bluesy yet modern enough to grab today's listener. And it quickly caught my attention. I gave it a couple of plays before deciding on what tracks I liked and which I didn't.

Blues isn't normally my genre of choice, but I was happy to receive this album to review. I really didn't know what to expect, as I'd never heard of Diane Birch before, but I was pleasantly surprised once I gave it a listen. The songs vary from uptempo and fun to slow and sensual, and I was rather surprised that I really ended up loving some of the slower, more soulful tracks. With the upbeat tracks intermixed with the slower ones, there is a nice range for every music lover out there.

The CD was available starting June 2 in music stores everywhere. Give it a chance; you will be glad you did. I know I am!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thomas The Train

On the 18th, my sons got a huge treat: we were able to see Thomas The Train Live on Stage!! I have to send a HUGE thank you to the wonderful people at Mom Select and BSM Media for giving me the tickets. Since JR was young enough to not need a ticket we let Little Dude choose a friend to bring, and so his friend Cole got to come. Little Dude was SO excited to have his friend along!

The show was so wonderful and the Progress Energy Theater here in Raleigh, NC did it right. The kids had booster seats for the theater chairs and popcorn and soda was allowed in the theater during the performance. The Thomas The Train performance was all about a Circus coming to the Island of Sodor, so the popcorn and soda made the atmosphere just perfect.

The whole show was very interactive, and we were lucky enough to have seats in the very center, front section, (THANK YOU!!) and some of the train drivers, circus performers, and other cast characters came out to be interactive with the audience right around us. They did a great job of spreading the interactive characters out too, so that all the seating areas got to get up close with them. It was just GREAT. I can't express enough how much all three boys loved it.

Little Dude was just losing his mind at the show and all the fun and, oh my, the popcorn and SODA and the great circus tricks. Yes, the Thomas performers actually put on a little "circus" at the end, complete with some real circus type acts-it was just fantastic.

JR was even entertained the whole time and the best part for him was that every other kid in the audience was encouraged to sing along, yell out to the trains, and answer questions asked to the audience, so whenever JR decided to yell out, it fit right in and instead of interrupting (as I had feared) his little yells and babbles became quite a hit with the other parents around us who decided that JR trying to participate was the cutest ever.

My husband and I loved how interactive the whole Thomas and Friends show was and how very kid friendly the theater worked at being for the show. It is a show I would defiantly pay money to see next time it comes around-not only did my children LOVE it because they are IN LOVE with Thomas, but it was entertaining for me, and the great interaction the cast created with the children was just infective. You couldn't help but pick up on the joy and energy the cast and children feed to each other.

My only complaint? That the parking decks in downtown Raleigh don't take debit on the weekends...who knew? That lead to a nice little journey to find an ATM, but no fear, we made it in plenty of time to get all the kids with us popcorn and settled in time for the amazing journey to Sodor.

Would you like to see if the Thomas and Friends Live on Stage shows are coming near you? You can check here to see, and trust me, it is well worth the money to see the show at least once while you have children because it is so smartly geared to the whole family and so very fun for everyone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


When I became a Mom, it was a most wonderful, amazing, and painful moment of my life. Though I loved giving birth naturally, I did not enjoy the tearing that happened....or the many Urinary Tract Infections I got as everything healed up either!

I had a pretty bad tear during birth (all moms know what I mean, anyone that doesn't, be glad, but feel free to ask if you really want the details) and I didn't heal up so well or so quickly. On top of it I kept getting UTI's, which, since I had not had any before, ended up getting out of hand since I thought the pain was just, well, normal when healing from the kind of tear I had.

So, when I was contacted by one of my marketing friends to offer a giveaway of Cystex, a medicine that offers Urinary pain relief, I figured I was a pretty good candidate to share my UTI experiences and to offer my opinion on the Cystex product.

While I have, thankfully, NOT had any UTI's since my run in with back to back to back ones, I can vouch that there is nothing quite like the pain UTI's cause. Yes, even birth was not as bad, in my humble opinion. So I am very happy to find out that there is a great product out there you can now get OVER THE COUNTER that fights the pain and burning AND can control the infection until you are able to get to the doctor. OH HALLELUJAH!

If you have the feeling you are getting a UTI, or suspect you have one, all you have to do is take 2 tablets with a full glass of water 3 times daily (12 yrs and up) until you are able to get an appointment with your doctor to get medication to kill the infection. How very wonderful is that? AWESOME!

You can learn all about the signs and symptoms of UTI's, as well as, more information on the Cystex product at To help women better understand UTIs and how they can be avoided and treated, Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, a board certified Urologist, is taking part in the new Cystex “Know Your Bladder Better” video series where new video topics will be posted and available to download, post on blogs/Web sites or share.

Women can also visit to:

Connect with Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, directly by visiting the new interactive feature “Ask the Urologist” and submit an informational question about bladder health
• Enjoy the Cystex Ladies Room Blog where Dr. Kavaler answers questions about UTIs and provides the latest news on bladder health
• Learn more about Cystex Urinary Relief Tablets and “where to buy” information

I hope you all enjoy the information and I'll keep my fingers cross that none of you ever get a UTI; however, if you do, thank goodness Cystex is now here! If you would like to win 1 box to save for future needs, leave a comment below! You will win one box (40 tablets) of Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets!

*You should read all directions on and about before taking AND please remember that I am only a third party passing on products that I enjoy and think are great, so if you find that Cystex does not work for you or has side effects you don't like, I am not responsible. I think the product is amazing and wonderful for the time between getting a UTI and getting to a doctor; however, it is not meant to replace going to the doctor or taking UTI medication-it is only meant to give relief from the pain.*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Leslie Patricelli Kid Books

As a mom, there are some classic books you turn to and immediately add to your child's bookshelves, knowing they will be loved and read many times over in the years to come. Well, get ready to make a little more room.

Leslie Patricelli is an author/illustrator that has just released a set of children's books that are sure to make some of the top spots on bookcases around the world. Her lovely, yet simple illustrations lend creativity to her simply story lines, and offer great backgrounds for letting you or your child improvise new story lines and new fun!

I was able to read "Higher! Higher!"-a story about a little girl getting pushed in a swing by her daddy-with my toddler, and he fell in love with it. The story is simple-the little girl keeps asking to go higher and higher; however, the expressive illustrations offer the real story. She went higher than a building, a giraffe, and finally met an alien boy getting pushed higher and higher in HIS swing!! My toddler loved to answer us when we asked, "What is she going higher than?" And he loved pointing out all the items in the scenery she was flying over! The story was also simple enough that he has it memorized, even though he is only now getting to the point of recognizing his letters. Little Dude feels so special for "reading" the story to us sometimes too! "Higher! Higher!" is a book I highly recommend to the parents of any toddler. What I loved: Everything. What I didn't love: Nothing.

Leslie also has a group of board books targeted towards infants, and I got the "Baby Happy Baby Sad" one. This book also has the same fun and creative illustrations, and the simple story line also lends itself to imaginative expanding to the simple story. Geared to teach the simple concepts of happy and sad, the book was fairly effective, though honestly my 9 month old, JR, was not terribly taken with the book. I think perhaps the images could have been a little more clear, perhaps of real babies instead of a drawing, or perhaps a bit more of a story to go with the drawings, instead of just repeating "baby happy, baby sad" on each page with an extemely simple image explaining each. Overall I thought the book was cute, but I do wish there had been a little more story to go along with the images, or vice versa. What I loved: The size of the book; perfect for my son's little hands and sturdy enough to take a beating and still look great. What I didn't love: Wish there had been a little more story along with the word repetition.

Overall, I think "Higher! Higher!" will be an instant classic for many children, and a very special story for a father to share with a daugther, since the characters are a father with his daughter. I will be checking out more of Leslie Patricelli's children's books and adding them to my children's library for sure! I hope you all enjoy them as much as we did.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Corneille: The Birth Of Cornelius

I am so excited to be a part of Music Moms, a new review group by Team Mom, offering the latest music and artists NOT singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Oh yea, this is music for us Moms (and Dads!) and though the lyrics are kid friendly, the sound is more in the category of fun chill out, hang out and relax time for us parents, rather than rhyme time for the bambinos!

To kick off the first music selection, Music Moms has chosen the greatest album: The Birth Of Cornelius by Corneille. Corneille is a talented singer/writer/producer with a number of hits in Canada, France and Japan; The Birth Of Cornelius is his first English speaking album. Corneille lists Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder,Michael Jackson and original Motown music as his huge influences and

With a background story of passion, heartache, joy, and identity seeking that you can hear and feel through the amazing rhythms and lyrics, The Birth Of Cornelius is the perfect album to play when you are feeling hanging out, relaxing, chilling with friends, or just taking some alone time out to be introspective, reflective, and thoughtful.

Originally born in Germany, Corneille's family moved to Rwanda when he was seven and tragedy struck when Corneille lost his entire family during the genocide in 1994. All alone and truly fleeing for his life, he escaped first to Kinshasa and then to Germany where he was taken in by family friends. Always feeling out of place and confused about his identity, Corneille found freedom in his music. His passion for music led him to seek feeding his creativity by leaving Germany for Montreal, Canada. After a few years of hard work, Corneille is finally achieving his major goals: to put out an album in America and be signed with Motown Records.

His first American (and English speaking) album reflects the many layers that make up his amazing talent in smooth acoustic-based R&B sounds, sure to please fans of John Legend, Tracy Chapman and Marvin Gaye.

Cornielle on his identity: "I'm African. I have a lot of European in me. And I'm definitely North American, because America's always been that place that exports every symbol of success that we know in the world. I taught myself English because when I got into music, all the artists that I loved came from America.

I'm realizing that the confusion that people have had about my identity has affected my own sense of identity. If you don't get me, how can I get myself? But you know's actually OK to be all those things"

Yes, it is OK to be a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and identities, and when that melting pot meets the creativity of raw talent, you end up with magic.

Would you love to experience the magic of The Birth Of Cornelius? You can win an autographed copy here! Simply leave a comment letting me know your favorite Motown song or artist (Mine is My Girl, by The Temptations.)The giveaway ends on March 24th and if you can't wait that long, you can go buy The Birth Of Cornelius now

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fisher Price-Frog Potty

Oh yes, Little Dude is officially going through potty training! Whoo hoo! He has even been able to go out and about in big boy underware without having ANY accidents! I am SO PROUD.

Potty training has to be one of the biggest challenges you face as a parent. Why? Because there is NOTHING you can do to control it-it is totally up to your child. AND sometimes, just sometimes, when your child realizes you really would love for them to use the potty before the pee their pants, they will defiantly say "NO" at the top their lungs, much to the amusement of all the people in the public restroom.

But, I digress. We have moved past that stage, I think; this is my first time potty training, so I will let you know. Anyways, Little Dude is now proudly pulling his pants down, doing his business and OH SO EXCITED to flush the toilet, and wash his hands!

Why? How? We got a new potty! No bells and whitles, very simple, easy to use, no distractions for Little Dude, and a GREAT "boy shield" and a nice big seat. This is the potty we got:

It is Fisher Price's Precious Planet Frog Potty. And it if FABULOUS. I can't sing it's praises enough. Little Dude loves to say "hi" to the frog as we go in the bathroom. Then it is straight to business-no having to adjust on the seat-it is plenty big and comfy AND the "hole" area is big enough for him to pee and poop at the same time. Also, it is light weight, doesn't take up much space, and is super easy to clean. It also was $10.00 on roll back at Wal-mart this week. NICE.

I also got a cute stool from Target that is red with cars on the side. That was $14.00, but I figured with two boys going up and down on it, it would be worth getting a good sturdy wooden one. It will also be cute someday in their room by a little chair or something for reading time. I'm digressing again.

So, that potty is working Super Well for us! Little Dude has gone 3 days now with no accidents and he is actually excited to go in the bathroom; before he hated the other potty and didn't even want to sit on it. He has even POOPED 3 times today in the potty!! OH MY GOODNESS, I am SO excited!

Ahhh, lets just see if potty training could really be as easy as getting a great potty.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bella Sara Treasures and Minatures

I love the whimsical world of Bella Sara and thanks to the wonderful people at Team Mom, I have been able to share the fun world with my children!

Your kids can adopt their very own horse to care for online, get trading cards, find great games and activities, and now play with the new Bella Sara Miniatures for active, imaginative play!

While the site is geared more towards girls, my toddler son LOVES playing around online with me and taking care of his very own horse! After all, at some point in life ALL kids want a pony, and going to the Bella Sara site is a perfect way to fulfill that wish! Your older children will love playing with and enjoying the great treasures and miniatures!

The online world of Bella Sara boasts more than 4.3 million registered users and offers interactive stables, games, puzzles, coloring pages, storybooks and customizable cottages. Over 80 million cards have been sold since the games global introduction two years ago.
Bella Sara was created in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard. Braendgaard was inspired to create Bella when she worked as a social worker. In keeping with Braendgaard’s positive values and love of children, Bella Sara features inspirational, meaningful messages and imagination-building game play designed to support a child’s development.

In stores March 3, 2009, Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection will be available for an approximate retail price of $1.99; Bella Sara Treasures Card Pack $2.99. The entire Bella Sara collection is available throughout North America at, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, Kmart, Target, Toys “R” Us and Wal-Mart stores, as well as regional chains, booksellers and toy, hobby and equestrian shops.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yanni Voices Is Today

I am so excited to be a part of the Yanni Voices Promotion, thanks to the wonderful people at the One2One Network!

Two years in the making, Yanni Voices showcases the talents of 4 young vocalists, Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas, and Leslie Mills preforming songs of passion, love, life and blessings, on PBS today! You can check your local pbs station for the times, but here in Mobile, AL it will be on at 7pm. I am so excited!

With the economy on the down side, what better way to celebrate love than by spending a beautiful, romantic evening in, surrounding by mood setting angelic voices? I'm planning on putting the kids to bed, and enjoying some snuggle time on the couch with my sweet husband.

Listening to Ender Thomas sing "Desire" makes me want to dance around the living room with my husband after a romantic dinner. And the perfect song to hear during dinner? Nathan Pacheco's "Enchantment"; his deep, smooth voice adds the perfect bit of relaxing romance to a wonderful nice in. For the end of the night? "Before The Night Ends", preformed by Leslie Mills is wonderful for that last slow dance around the living room.

On March 2,(today), Yanni Voices preforms a PBS Special, and if you fall in love with the music and talent as much as I have, then you can also buy the CD on March 24th! The Yanni Voices Tour begins April 10.

What better way to save money and celebrate love than by inviting Yanni Voices into your home?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's Just NOT That Into You

Well, with the sniffles, fort building, and work I've been doing this week, I just haven't had time to come up with an awesome post for today. So instead, I am sharing the He's Just Not That Into You Widget with you guys.

As part of the One2One Network, I've had the great chance to preview movies and CDs, and let me just tell you THIS soundtrack is one of my favorites EVER. I love every song on it and sing along to it when driving around with the kids.

And this movie trailer? It had me laughing out loud during nap time. These guys are so hilarious, and you can see how the cast of He's Just Not That Into You clicked so well with a spark of magic that always occurs in GREAT films.

So, check out the widget that had me laughing so loud I almost woke the children from their naps, and let me know what you think! The movie comes out today in Theaters nationwide and truly is the perfect date movie for girls AND guys!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Yanni Voices

I am so excited to be a part of the Yanni Voices Promotion, thanks to the wonderful people at the One2One Network!

Two years in the making, Yanni Voices showcases the talents of 4 young vocalists, Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas, and Leslie Mills preforming songs of passion, love, life and blessings, truly a perfect Date Night soundtrack!

With the economy on the down side, what better way to celebrate love than by spending a beautiful, romantic evening in, surrounding by mood setting angelic voices? That is my plan for a great date night this year. I will be splurging a bit on some nice food to fix for my hubby lighting some candles, putting the kids to bed, and playing Yanni Voices.

Listening to Ender Thomas sing "Desire" makes me want to dance around the living room with my husband after a romantic dinner. And the perfect song to hear during dinner? Nathan Pacheco's "Enchantment"; his deep, smooth voice adds the perfect bit of relaxing romance to a wonderful nice in. For the end of the night? "Before The Night Ends", preformed by Leslie Mills is wonderful for that last slow dance around the living room.

On March 2, Yanni Voices preforms a PBS Special, and if you fall in love with the music and talent as much as I have, then you can also buy the CD on March 24th! The Yanni Voices Tour begins April 10.

What better way to save money and celebrate love than by inviting Yanni Voices into your home?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nature's Source

I want to be "green"; I try really hard to recycle all I can, but honestly, it is expensive to be "green". The cloth bags cost money, the organic food costs triple the regular food, in some places (like in our apt here in Mobile) you have to pay extra for recycling, and if you want to clean naturally you can either have your house smell like vinegar or pay crazy prices for natural products.

So in this economy, where jobs aren't secure, money is tight, and everyone is a little panicked, paying extra for all those "green" things is not a priority (at least to me). Which makes me sad, because though I did find some great cleaner from 7th Generation with all natural ingredients, only their dish soap was comparable in price; everything else is just so much more expensive than what I normally buy that I just haven't even felt I had the extra funds to try it, let alone buy it all the time.

Well, I have stumbled upon a new product by SC Johnson that is affordable AND good for our Earth, our children, our pets and ourselves! And right now, fitting items into our cut back budget is a huge priority, so being able to feel safe and help the Earth with the products I purchase while saving money is GREAT.

SC Johnson have made a new line of natural cleaning products that are biodegradable, plant-based, natural and at low, family friendly prices. My experience was that I actually liked them even better than the 7th Generation cleaners I have tried out. All of Nature's Source cleaners that I tried worked VERY well, with the cleaning power you would get out of traditional cleaners, like Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex, BUT these are made out of plants-no bleach, ammonia, or other chemically made ingredients. They also smell so fresh and clean, you almost feel like you are out in a summer field; it is absolutely heavenly.

Soap scum had no chance against SC Johnson's Nature's Source bathroom cleaner, and I didn't end up with a headache after cleaning either! NICE! While I certainly don't want my kids to drink this cleaner either, I do feel better about them touching the things I use Nature's Source on because I know there is nothing that could hurt their skin or remnant fumes that could cause them a headache!

SC Johnson has been committed to helping families and the environment for over 50 years, so who better to trust our natural cleaning power to? They understand times are tight, and have priced their new Nature's Source cleaning products to reflect that. While they are more expensive than store brands, you have to remember you also aren't getting a bottle of water, you are getting fantastic, concentrated cleaning power for only a small increase. And compared with the amount of cleaner I was having to use from my store brand to clean my bathroom (and obviously it wasn't working that well, you should have seen the grime I got off with Nature's Source...)paying a bit more for the Nature's Source actually is saving me money! I only used a few squirts of Nature's Source bathroom cleaner to get my tub clean, compared to the half bottle of the store brand I would go through.

Not convinced yet to make the switch to SC Johnson's Nature Source products? Never fear, I am here to help out! Let me know in the comments below, email me at or leave a comment on my main blog page and let me know if you would like to try the toilet bowl cleaner OR the bathroom cleaner, I will be giving one away to a lucky reader! The contest ends Feb 15th, so good luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Qlubb for Everyone

As a work from home mom, I stay busy all the time. Between staying on top of work deadlines, getting to play dates, the gym, the grocery store, playing at the park, cooking and cleaning, the days can be exhausting. And hard to keep track of!

So what is a busy mom to do? For now, it has worked for me to just simply have a pocket calender in my diaper bag filled to the gill with notes, messages, and instructions, all in the hopes I can keep juggling all the balls I have going!

Well, no more my friends, I have had the opportunity to try out an ingenious concept: Qlubb. Qlubb is the easy way to get all your items and groups organized on the same page, with plenty of room to put everything you need to do in a day.

You only have to go to, sign up, and then you have access to easy group calendaring, shared sign-up sheets, online rsvp, and more! You have the ability to EASILY organize the activities in your children's classrooms, scout troops, religious groups, social groups, book clubs, work deadlines, meetings and family activities AND share this list with everyone you choose too-making it easy for everyone in your groups or family to keep up with upcoming events and dates!

With Qlubb, you can:
*Organize group events and activites online
*Eliminate email back and forth
*Eliminate reminders and nags of events and responsibilities
*Delegate Tasks to members
*Create a Secure website for your group

Qlubb has been a great way for me to get organized in this new year, and with Qlubb's help, I won't have to worry about being disorganized again!

And that, my friends, solves most of my headaches. Now if only potty training could be as easy...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sambucol Immune System Support

It has officially been a month now and I have not caught any of the colds or coughs from all the sick people I have been around. Not that I have been trying to get sick on purpose or anything, but as a mom of very young children-taking them to the park, playdates and even the store-is nothing but a germ fest in the making. They touch everything, they lick everything, and then they lick me. Yes, I said lick. I wish Little Dude kissed more, but for now he is into licking my arm. NICE.

Anywho, I was offered a chance to try out Sambucol, a black elderberry immune system support supplement, and with all the germs I encounter everyday, I figured, what they hey, it can't hurt to try!

Well, I am very pleased to say that I have not caught anything yet, even though I have been around a lot of sick people. It is impossible to say that it was the Sambucol that helped, since I can't really measure how weak my immunity was before I took it, or how exposed I really was to all those sick kids and family members I have been around, but I can say that since starting the supplements I have felt a boost to my overall energy, which I am sure directly impacts the strength of my immune system.

Sambucol is a natural black elderberry supplement developed by a virologist and it is recommended to be of great help if you take it when you have the flu! I haven't been able to test this out (hopefully, I won't be able to) but should I catch the flu, I will let you know if Sambucol helps.

Sambucol's unique formulation and extraction process preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits of the berry. As a potent antioxidant, black elderberries have been used to traditionally combat illness since ancient times and have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and significantly more than cranberries.

Who knew? I sure am glad I found out!Sambucol also has a kids formula too, so for your little ones ages 2 and up over at day care, or for all those winter time playdates, you can give their little immune systems a great boost too!

My only complaint is that it is a little bitter, with that sorta bitter after taste like eating a lemon. But really, overall, a little bitter aftertaste that quickly washes away with some water is well worth it if it keeps you from catching a cold, cough, or even the flu!

You can buy Sambucol over the counter at any pharmacy or health food store where you get cold medicines and the suggested retail prices is $14.99/4 ounce bottle.

Want to try it FOR FREE? Then Check out the website, leave a comment here or email me at about which product you think you would like trying and you will be entered to win a "Mommy Immune Boosting Basket" full of great Sambucol products for you and your kids!

Give away ends Jan. 30th

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, with the cold and flu season up and running rampant, it is just inevitable to come across the germs. Both my sister and hubby have had pretty good colds and sore throats so far this year and when it comes to my family, I jump into nurse mode quickly to get them better so they can help me with the laundry. Er, I mean, because I don't want them to feel sick.

So what is a good medicine to give your sick loved ones? For me the choice is simple: Cold-EEZE. Cold-EEZE lozenges are natural, contain no preservatives or artificial colors and are non-drowsy. The non-drowsy part is HUGE for my family; with two little boys we can't afford to be tired and foggy headed from medicine! Cold-EEZE is also contains a zinc gluconate blycine formula. What does that mean? A shorter cold for you! Zinc helps to promote the strength of the immune system and helps in the development and activation of T-lymphocytes that help to fight infection. The positive zinc ions bind to the cold virus, keeping it from spreading and reducing the duration of your cold. For a super busy working mom, that is GREAT news!

Cold-EEZE also has great ORGANIC options!! Their new line, Organix, are the first, over the counter cough and sore throat drops Certified USDA Organic! They are great tasting and free of all chemicals you will find in regular sore throat drops! And just like regular Cold-EEZE lozenges, the Organix lozenges contain no prservatives, artificial colors and are non-drowsy.

Cold-EEZE is really stepping up to the plate and fulfilling their commitment to the environment by making the wrapping for their lozenges Earth friendly! The twist wraps of each lozenge is made from fully compostable corn starch! How is that for an environmentally responsible step?

The Organix line of Cold-EEZE is made from all organic ingredients including peppermint oil, pectin, herbs, and natural sweeteners like honey. They are super yummy and since they are by the makers of Cold-EEZE, you can rest assured they work while keeping your body free of chemicals. If you happen to have diabetes, you can find relief with Cold-EEZE Sugar Free Orally Dissolvable Tablets.

Still unsure about leaving your old cold medicine, well, in the cold? Then leave a comment here or by emailing me at and 2 of you can win a sample of Cold-EEZE lozenges and Organix lozenges! All you need to do is check out and tell me what flavors you would enjoy trying. ColdFight360 is full of useful cold fighting information too, so be sure to book mark it for those future sick days!