Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avon And Suze Orman

So remember how I got to talk to Suze? Yea, it was pretty awesome to talk to her about my financial questions on saving for the future. I am still in awe I got picked to sit on the panel of great women bloggers that got to interview her.

And you know was is really cool? Suze has teamed up with Avon to promote Avon as a way for busy working women (like us moms!) to earn extra money by working as little or as much as we want.

Well, you may be saying, yea, that's OK, but what is cool about that? It's cool because I have a bag of Avon goodies to give away to one of my awesome readers!!!

Cool, eh?

I had actually never used Avon before, because honestly I have horrible skin. It is fine if I don't wear makeup, but as soon as I put any foundation or blush on, the next day I am sure to break out. So for the most part, I don't wear much makeup. I only wear it for those special occasions, like dinner out with Bill, or at weddings. Other than that, I skip it.

But you know what? I got to try out some Avon myself, (as a little perk of participating in on the Suze Orman interview) and I am in LOVE. I have worn it every day for the past week and not had a breakout yet! The mineral foundation is just amazing (and I have never tried mineral foundation before, but I really love it now) and the great lipsticks stayed on but didn't stain every cup I drank from. Fabulous!

Now I am sure you are asking how you can win the goodie bag, right? It is easy! All you have to do is email me at OR leave a comment here sharing a story about your first time wearing make up.

Mine? The first time I wore full make up was to Prom my freshman year of high school; it completely made me feel like a if only my mom hadn't had to chaperone....but that is another story.

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