Monday, September 28, 2009

Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks

I received the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks for free in exchange for my review.

Now that I have two boys, aged 3 and 1, I usually only buy white socks. Why? Well, because I am awful at losing socks, and I swear there really is a monster in the dryer eating up all the socks. So, to keep it simple, I buy the same type socks in the boring white color.

Now though, after having SO much fun with the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks, I had to buy a couple more pairs for the boys. I received one pair free (see the picture of JR wearing them on my main blog) that fit JR, and so I ordered 2 pairs for Little Dude and another pair for JR. The best part? The size is on the sock.

Because even though I solve the missing socks and different sock sizes problem by just sticking with one color, it is still annoying to sort them, since the boys feet are close in size already.

So, with Zonni ConFEETi 3D Socks, the boys get CUTE animals and characters on their feet PLUS I get the skid proof textured bottom that displays the sock size, for easy, quick sorting.

I've also washed them a few times already and they have stayed just as soft and snuggly while the textured bottom has not torn or cracked, which was the one complaint I had with the textured bottom socks you can find at Target or Walmart. (Those seemed to crack or tear after just the first few washes).

Looking for some fun socks as a baby shower gift, or even just as a fun item for your kids to enjoy? Then I highly reccomend the Zooni ConFEETi 3D Socks, and you can buy them here. Who knew kids could enjoy playing with socks? JR is in love with his puppy dog ones, and so am I!

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