Friday, July 31, 2009

Do The Web Write

Do The Web Write is a wonderfully written business book from the Self Counsel Press Business Series. It covers tips, advice, and instructions on:

*Writing for and marketing your webite
*Writing persuasively for the web
*Marketing your website effectively
*Getting found by your target market

What makes this business stand out from others? It is funny! The author, Dan Furman, is an genius at capturing your attention while explaining a normally not-so-entertaining subject.

Mr. Furman does an amazing job of simplifing the rather complicated steps, skills, and processes you have to follow in order to write persuasive web copy. He expertly guides you on how to write for blogs, websites, landing pages, sales pages, and set your webite up for maximum conversion with page order, and information presentation.

And the best part? He keeps it entertaining, so you don't even want to put the book down! What better way to learn some important current web skills then by having a few laughs while you do it?

To learn about Do The Web Write, check out the Self Counsel Press site at, and to win your own copy of Do The Web Write, leave a comment below or tweet me @michez.


Anonymous said...

I would like to Win A copy Of Dans Book. I have many reasons I would like to read this book.
1st reason I have known dan for over 39 years and we both had a falling out around 6 years ago on stuff that was said. Dan said he was sorry when i joined facebook few months ago but have not gotten myself to talk to Dan as of yet, Dan when was a person with many ideas on how to work at home and had he had great ideas .He was very good on what he did when i known him back then . I been reading his Profile and seen he has written a few books already and they had good reviews like yours. the way u discribed the way he wrote his book is stright on how dan is. I would really like to win ths free copy of this Book to see how dan is doing as a writer and Maybe I will learn a few things also.

Ken Ginsberg

Miche said...

Hey Ken, you didn't leave me a way to contact you, but you won the book! SO, I will try to find you on facebook, but if not I hope you check back here so I can get your information and sent it to you. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email of my address for winning Dans Book

Kenneth ginsberg