Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nature's Source

I want to be "green"; I try really hard to recycle all I can, but honestly, it is expensive to be "green". The cloth bags cost money, the organic food costs triple the regular food, in some places (like in our apt here in Mobile) you have to pay extra for recycling, and if you want to clean naturally you can either have your house smell like vinegar or pay crazy prices for natural products.

So in this economy, where jobs aren't secure, money is tight, and everyone is a little panicked, paying extra for all those "green" things is not a priority (at least to me). Which makes me sad, because though I did find some great cleaner from 7th Generation with all natural ingredients, only their dish soap was comparable in price; everything else is just so much more expensive than what I normally buy that I just haven't even felt I had the extra funds to try it, let alone buy it all the time.

Well, I have stumbled upon a new product by SC Johnson that is affordable AND good for our Earth, our children, our pets and ourselves! And right now, fitting items into our cut back budget is a huge priority, so being able to feel safe and help the Earth with the products I purchase while saving money is GREAT.

SC Johnson have made a new line of natural cleaning products that are biodegradable, plant-based, natural and at low, family friendly prices. My experience was that I actually liked them even better than the 7th Generation cleaners I have tried out. All of Nature's Source cleaners that I tried worked VERY well, with the cleaning power you would get out of traditional cleaners, like Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex, BUT these are made out of plants-no bleach, ammonia, or other chemically made ingredients. They also smell so fresh and clean, you almost feel like you are out in a summer field; it is absolutely heavenly.

Soap scum had no chance against SC Johnson's Nature's Source bathroom cleaner, and I didn't end up with a headache after cleaning either! NICE! While I certainly don't want my kids to drink this cleaner either, I do feel better about them touching the things I use Nature's Source on because I know there is nothing that could hurt their skin or remnant fumes that could cause them a headache!

SC Johnson has been committed to helping families and the environment for over 50 years, so who better to trust our natural cleaning power to? They understand times are tight, and have priced their new Nature's Source cleaning products to reflect that. While they are more expensive than store brands, you have to remember you also aren't getting a bottle of water, you are getting fantastic, concentrated cleaning power for only a small increase. And compared with the amount of cleaner I was having to use from my store brand to clean my bathroom (and obviously it wasn't working that well, you should have seen the grime I got off with Nature's Source...)paying a bit more for the Nature's Source actually is saving me money! I only used a few squirts of Nature's Source bathroom cleaner to get my tub clean, compared to the half bottle of the store brand I would go through.

Not convinced yet to make the switch to SC Johnson's Nature Source products? Never fear, I am here to help out! Let me know in the comments below, email me at coordinatedchaos@yahoo.com or leave a comment on my main blog page and let me know if you would like to try the toilet bowl cleaner OR the bathroom cleaner, I will be giving one away to a lucky reader! The contest ends Feb 15th, so good luck!


Casual Friday Everyday said...

Bathroom cleaner for sure! Hoping the Green Gods are shining down on me. LOL


Judy - MommyNewsBlog.com said...

I would love to try the toilet bowl cleaner. I mostly use Shaklee products, but would love something for cleaning my toilet that keeps it clean! I too have a toilet training toddler and he touches EVERYTHING!