Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Qlubb for Everyone

As a work from home mom, I stay busy all the time. Between staying on top of work deadlines, getting to play dates, the gym, the grocery store, playing at the park, cooking and cleaning, the days can be exhausting. And hard to keep track of!

So what is a busy mom to do? For now, it has worked for me to just simply have a pocket calender in my diaper bag filled to the gill with notes, messages, and instructions, all in the hopes I can keep juggling all the balls I have going!

Well, no more my friends, I have had the opportunity to try out an ingenious concept: Qlubb. Qlubb is the easy way to get all your items and groups organized on the same page, with plenty of room to put everything you need to do in a day.

You only have to go to, sign up, and then you have access to easy group calendaring, shared sign-up sheets, online rsvp, and more! You have the ability to EASILY organize the activities in your children's classrooms, scout troops, religious groups, social groups, book clubs, work deadlines, meetings and family activities AND share this list with everyone you choose too-making it easy for everyone in your groups or family to keep up with upcoming events and dates!

With Qlubb, you can:
*Organize group events and activites online
*Eliminate email back and forth
*Eliminate reminders and nags of events and responsibilities
*Delegate Tasks to members
*Create a Secure website for your group

Qlubb has been a great way for me to get organized in this new year, and with Qlubb's help, I won't have to worry about being disorganized again!

And that, my friends, solves most of my headaches. Now if only potty training could be as easy...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sambucol Immune System Support

It has officially been a month now and I have not caught any of the colds or coughs from all the sick people I have been around. Not that I have been trying to get sick on purpose or anything, but as a mom of very young children-taking them to the park, playdates and even the store-is nothing but a germ fest in the making. They touch everything, they lick everything, and then they lick me. Yes, I said lick. I wish Little Dude kissed more, but for now he is into licking my arm. NICE.

Anywho, I was offered a chance to try out Sambucol, a black elderberry immune system support supplement, and with all the germs I encounter everyday, I figured, what they hey, it can't hurt to try!

Well, I am very pleased to say that I have not caught anything yet, even though I have been around a lot of sick people. It is impossible to say that it was the Sambucol that helped, since I can't really measure how weak my immunity was before I took it, or how exposed I really was to all those sick kids and family members I have been around, but I can say that since starting the supplements I have felt a boost to my overall energy, which I am sure directly impacts the strength of my immune system.

Sambucol is a natural black elderberry supplement developed by a virologist and it is recommended to be of great help if you take it when you have the flu! I haven't been able to test this out (hopefully, I won't be able to) but should I catch the flu, I will let you know if Sambucol helps.

Sambucol's unique formulation and extraction process preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits of the berry. As a potent antioxidant, black elderberries have been used to traditionally combat illness since ancient times and have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and significantly more than cranberries.

Who knew? I sure am glad I found out!Sambucol also has a kids formula too, so for your little ones ages 2 and up over at day care, or for all those winter time playdates, you can give their little immune systems a great boost too!

My only complaint is that it is a little bitter, with that sorta bitter after taste like eating a lemon. But really, overall, a little bitter aftertaste that quickly washes away with some water is well worth it if it keeps you from catching a cold, cough, or even the flu!

You can buy Sambucol over the counter at any pharmacy or health food store where you get cold medicines and the suggested retail prices is $14.99/4 ounce bottle.

Want to try it FOR FREE? Then Check out the website, leave a comment here or email me at about which product you think you would like trying and you will be entered to win a "Mommy Immune Boosting Basket" full of great Sambucol products for you and your kids!

Give away ends Jan. 30th

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, with the cold and flu season up and running rampant, it is just inevitable to come across the germs. Both my sister and hubby have had pretty good colds and sore throats so far this year and when it comes to my family, I jump into nurse mode quickly to get them better so they can help me with the laundry. Er, I mean, because I don't want them to feel sick.

So what is a good medicine to give your sick loved ones? For me the choice is simple: Cold-EEZE. Cold-EEZE lozenges are natural, contain no preservatives or artificial colors and are non-drowsy. The non-drowsy part is HUGE for my family; with two little boys we can't afford to be tired and foggy headed from medicine! Cold-EEZE is also contains a zinc gluconate blycine formula. What does that mean? A shorter cold for you! Zinc helps to promote the strength of the immune system and helps in the development and activation of T-lymphocytes that help to fight infection. The positive zinc ions bind to the cold virus, keeping it from spreading and reducing the duration of your cold. For a super busy working mom, that is GREAT news!

Cold-EEZE also has great ORGANIC options!! Their new line, Organix, are the first, over the counter cough and sore throat drops Certified USDA Organic! They are great tasting and free of all chemicals you will find in regular sore throat drops! And just like regular Cold-EEZE lozenges, the Organix lozenges contain no prservatives, artificial colors and are non-drowsy.

Cold-EEZE is really stepping up to the plate and fulfilling their commitment to the environment by making the wrapping for their lozenges Earth friendly! The twist wraps of each lozenge is made from fully compostable corn starch! How is that for an environmentally responsible step?

The Organix line of Cold-EEZE is made from all organic ingredients including peppermint oil, pectin, herbs, and natural sweeteners like honey. They are super yummy and since they are by the makers of Cold-EEZE, you can rest assured they work while keeping your body free of chemicals. If you happen to have diabetes, you can find relief with Cold-EEZE Sugar Free Orally Dissolvable Tablets.

Still unsure about leaving your old cold medicine, well, in the cold? Then leave a comment here or by emailing me at and 2 of you can win a sample of Cold-EEZE lozenges and Organix lozenges! All you need to do is check out and tell me what flavors you would enjoy trying. ColdFight360 is full of useful cold fighting information too, so be sure to book mark it for those future sick days!