Monday, October 19, 2009

Myth Busters Weird World of Water

My sons LOVE bath time. Really, they love anything to do with water. We had a fire pit party with our neighbors last week, where we cooked smores. The kids enjoyed the smores, of course, but you know what my sons REALLY loved? Helping me spray down the area around the firepit with WATER.

I have a coupled of water lovers on my hands, so when I got to try out the Mythbusters Weird World of Water science kit, it was a HUGE hit. The Mythbusters Weird World of Water science kit goes through hands on, kid appropriate discovery experiments that show the different sides of water. Freezing, Boiling, and Turning into gas were big hits for my sons.

Though JR was a little young, he, of course, wanted to take part, so for most of the experiments we worked through over the past week, he got to observe, though was too young for hands on items. He could touch the water before and after freezing, but I doubt he understood that the ice was the water he had splashed earlier; however, he had a ton of fun!

Little Dude LOVED doing all the experiments, and he really enjoyed doing the "school" type projects and loved getting to stand in a chair and observe how boiling water became steam.

The kit was super great; though I would suggest that older kids would enjoy it even more and would get to have a more "hands on" approach; whereas I did most of the experiments while Little Dude had to watch (like boiling the water, he obviously could not be at the stove, though I did let him stand on a chair by the table so he could be tall enough to see everything, but too far way to possibly touch it.)

The Weird World of Water kit also lets you test the power of whirlpools (THAT is COOL), create a liquid rainbow (which Little Dude said was for GIRLS) and launch your own water-powered rocket (Little Dude gave it a "TOTALLY DOMINANT" rating.)The rocket I had to mostly do myself, since Little Dude seemed too young to do it.

The Mythbusters science kits are available now at Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart for around $19.99

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