Friday, July 31, 2009

Do The Web Write

Do The Web Write is a wonderfully written business book from the Self Counsel Press Business Series. It covers tips, advice, and instructions on:

*Writing for and marketing your webite
*Writing persuasively for the web
*Marketing your website effectively
*Getting found by your target market

What makes this business stand out from others? It is funny! The author, Dan Furman, is an genius at capturing your attention while explaining a normally not-so-entertaining subject.

Mr. Furman does an amazing job of simplifing the rather complicated steps, skills, and processes you have to follow in order to write persuasive web copy. He expertly guides you on how to write for blogs, websites, landing pages, sales pages, and set your webite up for maximum conversion with page order, and information presentation.

And the best part? He keeps it entertaining, so you don't even want to put the book down! What better way to learn some important current web skills then by having a few laughs while you do it?

To learn about Do The Web Write, check out the Self Counsel Press site at, and to win your own copy of Do The Web Write, leave a comment below or tweet me @michez.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creative Services Business

Ever since I started working from home, I am repeatedly asked how I found my job. How did I do it? My brother-in-law. He worked for my boss as a computer coder, and when they needed extra writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I was hired. (It helped I had a B.A in English)

But if it hadn't been for my brother-in-law, I don't know that I would have even known where to start searching for a job I could work at home in my free time. What I would have needed was Start And Run A Creative Services Business, by Susan Kirkland.

In Start And Run A Creative Services Business, published by Self Counsel Press, is THE resource for figuring how how to turn your creative skills into a job. Learn how to become a freelance business owner, how to build your client lists and lock in loyal repeat business, and how to market your creative skills worldwide.

You will also learn:
*How to make money designing logos, corporate promotional materials, websites and advertisements
*What to do when clients don't pay
*How to start freelancing in an economic slump
*Create an electronic portfolio
*Target your market niche online
*How to distinguih yourself form the competition
*Tips, Techniques, Equipment, and more to start living them dream of self employment!

Would you LOVE to work as your own boss, or find a way to free lance and work at home? Then leave a comment here or tweet me, I'm @michez to win your own copy of Start And Run A Creative Services Business!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock of Ages Soundtrack

I love musicals. Any and all, whenever I hear about the "Broadway South" shows coming through our hometown, I start the sweet begging to see one.

My amazing hubby has been so wonderful in taking me to one show almost every year, and making sure we get great seats. We dress up, go eat, (maybe even do a double date night with some friends!) and then go enjoy the show. Yes, my hubby is a keeper, because, you see, he lothes musicals.

He did admit he liked the props for Miss Siagon, but I think that might have been because I kept trying to point out things he must have liked.

When I got to review the Rock of Ages Original Broadway Cast Recording, I knew my husband would roll his eyes and laugh while knowing that he would soon be taking me to see yet another "girl show" (as he calls them). So, while he made fun of me, I popped the CD into the car player, and sat back to watch his expression.

Boy, oh boy, did he respond! First, he quit making fun of me, and actually started to listen to the soundtrack. Then, realizing that Poision and White Snake hits where part of the soundtrack, he shushed me and started looking at the CD cover.

"So what do you think? " I asked.

"I LIKE it", sweet hubby replied.

That is the best review I can ever give a Broadway soundtrack. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Broadway, and I am still sad I missed the 2006 tour of Lion King due to the birth of our son.

My husband though? He is your typical man's man. He loves doing manly stuff, getting dirty, building things, and going to musicals with me because it makes me happy.

But the Rock of Ages soundtrack might be turning him into a Broadway fan. Yes, Rock of Ages, a play set in 1987 in the legendary Sunset Strip rock club tells the story of a small town girl meeting a big city dream and falling in love to songs we all heard growing up: Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, pat Benatar, Foreigner, Twisted Sister, Poson, Asia, and Whitsnake.

But you know what my husband (and I) really LOVED about the Rock of Ages soundtrack? The 22 songs aren't cheesy remakes of classic metal rock, but instead are wonderful, heartfelt presentations of the classics with story telling through the music and actors that allows you to enjoy the love story of the Broadway show just by simply playing the CD.

Yes, Rock of Ages Original Broadway Cast Recording is the soundtrack that will make straight men love Broadway.

Making of Soundtrack video:

Link to buy album: