Monday, November 1, 2010

Pop On Pals Amusement Park Playset by Spin Master

Pop On Pals are round, pudgy little figures that are the perfect size for little toddler hands. The pals come with interchangeable rings that act as simple costumes to change the personality of the little pal. The Amusement Park is a colorful and active playground for your kids to explore through the Pals. The Amusement Park Playset comes with one Pal, three theme rings and the Park itself.

My older son did not find it very interesting; however, my toddler LOVED it. He took to the Pop On Pals right away. When my older son did want to play, they fought because this set only comes with ONE figure. That was a bit of a pain.

There are nine spots for the figures to explore including a strong man striker, milk toss game, dragon swing, Ferris wheel, and roller coaster. It’s a lot to do, with only one figure. I really think the Set would make more sense if it came with two Pals. (You can buy them separately, though since Little Dude is not as excited about it, I probably won't buy any more people-JR seems fine with just one.)

What I Loved:

My 2 year old really enjoy this toy. My son likes to make the Ferris wheel spin and switch the Pop-on rings and act out different scenes. Based on JR's reaction, I think Pop On Pals will be a big hit with toddlers.

What I Hated:

The Amusement Park Playset really should come with more than one Pal. Having only one Pal made it a toy that really couldn't be shared, even though multiple things could be going on at the same time, give you had more Pals for it. Also, I hated the fact there was no place to store the extra pieces-keeping up with the different arms and "outfits" was a bit of a chore, since there was not a good spot on the toy to snap them or stack them while not in use. Again, my older son, who is 4, did not play with this for more than a few minutes, then he lost interest in it completely, so I don't think preschoolers would be big fans. I also feel it is a little pricey for only having one toy with it-I do really wish there were 2 or 3.

Where you can get it:

The Amusement Park Playset is $34.99. It and other Pop On Pals, including Airplane and School Bus Vehicles and Mix & Match Pal Sets, can be purchased at stores nationwide like Toys R Us, Target and online at Amazon.

Thank you to Team Mom for supplying the Pop On Pals Amusement Park for review.