Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bella Sara

So, now I wish I had a little girl, because I had the opportunity to review Bella Sara, a beautiful, girly online world of horses, magic, fun and trading cards. Yes trading cards so all her friends can play and continue the fun even without a computer!

Bella Sara is a horse-themed collectible card game featuring positive messages for kids 5 to 12. The Bella Sara website carries the story beyond the Bella Sara cards, which both horses and objects that kids can activate and play with online in a safe, imaginative virtual world. They can feed, care for, train, and play with their horses and also play games and solve puzzles on the site.

By letting your little girl participate in the Bella Sara world, you can finally give her the pony she keeps asking for-without the cost! Every card has a beautiful horse for your child to care for-and an id number for entering on the Bella Sara website so then the horse on her card can appear in her online stable! How cool!

And you can be rest assured that your child is participating in a safe online environment; At present, is a private user experience and interaction with others online is not possible. Very awesome for us protective parents!

Bella Sara keeps all personal information private and takes great care to keep the Bella Sara World a fun and carefree place where your child can grow and learn the many joys of caring for horses, which in turn teaches them about how to care for others, be responsible for their actions, just like with a real friend or pet!

There are also great interactive games on the website, like puzzles, printable coloring pages, and offline card games!

Parents have the discretion to decide their child’s appropriate level of interaction with the Bella Sara World through the easy to us parental-controls section of your child's account to turn off or limit his or her access.Having such powers can also be good for "reality discipline" no chores done, no Bella Sara.

Bella Sara was created by Gitte Odder Brændgaard. Gitte was inspired to create Bella when she worked as a social worker, caring for mentally disabled young people and realized the need for inspirational, meaningful messages and imagination-building game play designed to uplift girls and raise self confidence.

Yes, I need a girl. Or I need to borrow my neighbor's little girl when she reaches the age of 5, because I see this being a super fun computer version of "My Little Ponies" meets the card game "Magic" and that can only mean one thing-hours of fun and bonding!

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