Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holgate Blocks

Simple is best, in my opinion. That is especially true with children's toys. Simple items inspire greater use of the imagination, and that, my friends, is what childhood is all about.

The basic, simple toys of all childhood should be wooden blocks. Blocks to stack, sort, build, balance, and knock down can teach way more to your child than any rigorous study program at any preschool, because your child learns through play. Stacking the blocks works on eye and hand coordination, gross motor skills, and, as the stack gets higher, fine motor skills to keep the blocks balanced. Your child will learn spacial relationships between objects in the world by building, tearing down, building, and knocking down the blocks over and over.

If your child has blocks with images or numbers, you can bring in color, number, and shape sorting to the floor play. Most of all, by playing with blocks, your child is NOT watching TV, and is even developing his use of language as he exercises his imagination to build whatever he can dream, hopefully with you buy his side.

As opposed to "educational toys" that light up and talk to your child, simple blocks encourage an imaginative give and take kind of play between a child and himself (or imaginary friend), children and other children, or parents and children that build and develop the use of language and roll playing that are so crucial to a child's self image, understanding of trial and error, and overall development.

Blocks are truly a parent's best friend and a child's greatest learning tool, and my favorite blocks are Holgate Baby Blocks. They are made of sound wood, the beautiful brightly colored images don't chip off after rough use (trust me, if my two year old can't scratch or eat the images off, nothing can), and best of all, THEY ARE MADE IN AMERICA. Yes, you can heave a big sigh of relief when your child does decide to try licking the blocks because everything is safe, non toxic and made to last for your kid's grandkids to use. I am in love with the blocks and have already ordered more to give as gifts. Everyone should have these lovely, colorful and made in the USA blocks on their children's gift lists this holiday season.

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