Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Linda Eder Giveaway: The Other Side Of Me

Thanks to, I have been able to spend the past week surrounding myself and my boys with some beautiful music. We have danced, laughed, and tears even entered my eyes as I watched my oldest dance around to the lyrics that pulled on my heart.

Oh yes, Linda Eder is a musician I have fallen in love with. Her new CD, The Other Side Of Me, pulls on the tender heartstrings that all moms and dads (new and experienced) know so well.

And you know what is even more amazing? I love all the songs. Every. Single. One. And I am the queen of one hit wonders-I will buy a CD to get one song from it, even though I don't like, or even hate, the rest of the CD. So, I was not at all expecting to fall in love with all the tracks, let alone play them all over and over, but that is just what has happened. I am totally in love with the messages Linda Eder so beautifully belts out for the rest of us in her unique, happy and tear jerking style.

Linda Eder even speaks to me on a personal level, because she too is a working mom, working to keep that balance of being at home with your child and working to make money for your child (while still trying to get all the other things in life done, like the laundry...) You can tell that motherhood and the love for her child, Jake, greatly influenced her song writing on The Other Side Of Me.

A combination of country, jazz, pop and a huge sprinkle of Broadway thrown in, The Other Side Of Me brings to life the emotions that many of us parents can't put words to. Her song, If I Could, which you can hear in the background by watching my video below, puts the grooves and vocal harmonies of a country angel to a parent's deep love and fierce desire to protect, that moms and dads everywhere carry.

Both Sides Now has an upbeat and catchy rhythm that makes me want to sing along again and again. And Little Dude just loves to dance while the fun song is going. What I love best about Both Sides Now, is the beautiful way Linda Eder puts into words the reflections all of us stop and take now and then as we travel through life. Thinking back on how we felt and acted in younger years (or even just yesterday) and then revisiting those thoughts as we "wise up" or become enlightened through experience. Yes, that is the theme to the lyrics and rhythmic flow of Both Sides Now, and the light hearted way Linda Eder vocalizes the emotions and lyrics keeps my family and I listening, dancing and singing along as we too make this journey of life.

You can hear me "vlog" (and gush more) about the CD by clicking on the video below (and listen to songs from the CD play in the background!):

and you can hear my two very favorite songs If I Could and Both Sides Now on the CD here:

You can buy The Other Side of Me at Barnes and Noble and if you would love to hear Linda Eder Live (and maybe run into me) you can check out her Tour Dates! I want to go to one of her Florida Tours, since it won't be too terribly far from where I live! Oh fun!

Ready for the giveaway part? Guess what you can get?

The Other Side of Me autographed CD and autographed T-shirt or hat!!!

To win all you have to do is listen to Linda Eder's songs, pick a favorite and tell me why! Super easy eh? You can also email me at if you happen to not have a blog account or you can leave a comment on my main page. Just make sure you leave me a way to contact you, either through email or your blog, so that I can let you know if you won! If I don't hear from the first winner in a week's time then a second winner will be chosen. The Giveaway ends November 21st.

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