Monday, October 27, 2008

Secret Keeper Girl

As a mother of young boys, you would think I would not worry about the peer pressure that young girls face today to be skinny, to be sexy, to grow up faster than they should...but I do. Why? Because my boys will someday be dating girls, and I want them to know what is important to find in a friend, girlfriend, wife-and most of all to know that girl is truly a treasure to care for.

First though, our girls need to feel like they are a treasure, and to place some importance on their modesty, appearance, behavior, and ultimately stand up to the peer pressure and glamorization of materialistic items and wild, unchecked behavior young Hollywood displays. A strong self-esteem for our daughters can fight anything, but it is hard to build up against a world that deems morals and modesty as "frumpy".

But where, as a parent, do you start? The Secret Keeper Girl Series. I have had the privilege of reading a book targeted to today's young girls (around ages 8-12), Danika's Totally Terrible Toss, and it tells a fantastic story of a normal, sweet middle schooler facing those very pressures that today's girls face head on. What makes this book great is that the lessons are very subtle, and the story is one that reminds me of the books I was into at that age: Baby Sitters Club, Nancy Drew, Boxcar Kids-this book is written in the same easy flowing, pre-teen fictional fashion, full of all the types of entertainment middle school girls (and me!) love, making this a fun read while teaching VERY important lessons on how to handle peer pressure.

And what I think is super fun about the Secret Keeper Girl Series? There is a fun question answer part in the back set up specifically so moms and daughters can discuss the lessons of the book in a non confrontation, completely open and free way. A FANTASTIC way for a mom and daughter to connect and discuss the trials and tribulations of the world before the world does and a great lesson for moms in how to LISTEN to their daughters when the world isn't.

Dannah Gresh is the author of The Secret Keeper Girl Series, and beyond the series she also wrote a fun book called "8 Great Dates for You and Your Daughter".

And a great first date? Get some toe nail polish out, turn on some of your daughter's music (like the High School Musical soundtrack) and break out: The Secret Keeper Girl Series; you'll both be amazed at what you will learn and build together.

Published through Moody Publishers, you can buy them at Barnes and Noble for $7.99.

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