Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seal My SOUL

I love music, and I listen to all kinds (yes, even hip hop and rap; I know, you are surprised). Through middle school and college I was what you would call a "band geek". I played the flute and French horn. I have dated a clarinet player, a saxophone player and a trumpet player, all of which left me with a some knowledge of how to play each instrument. I fiddle with the piano, I have learned one song on guitar, and my lovely hubby even got me a French horn for Christmas the first year we were married. When ever school or community plays came around I tried out....for "the pit" (aka the play's orchestra).

Remember that horrible movie "Water World"? While others might cringe, I myself fall into past memories of marching band because that was a score we played for our contests one year. Even though the movie is pretty bad, I love getting lost in the music.

Yes, I love music. Let's just say, it is a huge part of my soul. You can time travel with music; nothing can reach into the depths of a person like good music either.

And that is just what Seal has done with his latest album, SOUL; he has reached into the depth of his soul and deeply touched mine with the foot taping, body swaying results. Click below to hear some samples his modern jazzy harmonies:

His new album, SOUL, is aptly named too, because you can feel his soul pouring through the lyrics and rhythms, while, as a listener, I too find myself swept away with his deep and rich as honey voice. My little boy loves rocking and grooving to the soulful music as well, giving me hope that even if he never picks up an instrument, he at least appreciates the beauty of music.

And you know what is even better than my little job of reviewing Seal's SOUL Album for the One 2 One Network? I get to share it with you!!!

For one of my readers, I have a copy of Seal's SOUL Album and an ipod retro mini speaker. Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life?

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So, for your chance to win, simply leave a comment below telling me what music stirs your SOUL.

Mine? Ludacris' "Roll Out". My hubby and I back in our college and dating days, took a road trip to see our College's football team play in a Florida bowl game (I think it was the Orange Bowl? Not sure...). We piled a bunch of our friends into his parent's van and drove the whole 10 hours down listening to Luda's CD over and over. Mostly we talked and goofed off so much we just never changed the CD, but every time I hear that song, it takes me back to that super fun road trip!

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Andrea said...

I want to win! Let's favorite soul music right now is a band I recently discovered: Great Lake Swimmers. Miche, check them out, they have such beautiful music! Very relaxing. And the harmonies are so pretty they bring a tear to my eye.