Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Love with Michael Buble

I recently got to review the new Michael Buble cd, CRAZY LOVE, and is it cheesy for me to say it's love?

Crazy Love featured two original songs-written by Michael-and fantastic covers of some of my very favorite era themed songs. All I Do Is Dream Of You is a song I have loved forever-it is from my favorite movie ever, Singing In The Rain, with Gene Kelly. It was one of the very first DVDs I bought and it is very well loved. But I digress.

Hearing Michael sing All I Do Is Dream Of You gives the song a really wonderful breath of fresh air, with a great jazzy band playing accompaniment. Crazy Love starts off with cords that remind me of a James Bond theme, which goes well the the lyrics.

Oh and my NEW very favorite song in the world? I Just Haven't Met You Yet. This song was written by Michael Buble AND features a marching band in the video, which I added in below so you can all hear and see why CRAZY LOVE is playing all the time at my house AND in my car now.

Doesn't that just make you want to dance? You can buy CRAZY LOVE now by going here:

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Alexandra said...

I LOVE Michael Buble!!!!