Friday, December 12, 2008

Parents® Critter Conga

Parents® magazine is one of my favorites out there. It is full of great parenting advice, kid activities AND they have a FABULOUS line of toys!

My current favorite is the Parents® Critter Conga. It is a super fun Conga Drum, filled will percussion instruments. The Drum looks like a leopard, with an easily removable tambourine lid, slithery snake drumsticks, giraffe themed maracas, crocodile cabasa and clacker, elephant conch, and antelope slide whistle, and a water bird warble that sounds like the real thing!

The Critter Conga is designed to encourage tots to create and enjoy music and rhythm. My toddler is in love with the set and I am reaping the benefits of watching him enjoy and learn a love for music.

The only thing I don't like? My toddler is in love with the drums, and my 6 month old loves the tambourine....except the tambourine is the drum top, so the boys can't play with them at the same time. Parents® already thought of this though (ah yes, I love Parents®) and have made it so you can buy extra instruments without having to buy a whole new drum set, perfect for families with multiple kids that will want to jam! You can buy The Critter Conga instruments individually at Target under the collection name Safari Song for $10.00 each.

Want to know where to get your Parents® Critter Congo? You can get The Critter Congo at Costco for $30.00, and it is recommended for ages 18 months and up.

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