Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Bender Ball

After having a baby, the biggest thing most moms are thinking about is getting back into our skinny jeans.

Well, through a good diet and exercise, we all can achieve goal, my problem is when to find the time to workout! I have two little kids and recently realized that trying to push two kids in a jogging stroller is HARD. And not very motivating to working out.

So what is a new mom to do? The Bender Ball!

It is a great exercise ball that gives you the perfect position for Core Training, Ab and Body Sculpting and Pilates! It works by giving you a bigger range of motion while doing normal crunches, stretches, sit ups and more-so you get more impact with a simple, quick workout. I am in love too, because I simply pop in the DVD, get out on my mat, and in a quick 1/2 hour I am able to get through all my tough to sculpt areas, get my heart rate up, and feel more energetic.

I have yoga and Pilates DVD's that I enjoy; they are calming, relaxing; however, sometimes I just don't feel I have gotten my heart rate up to the target workout rate. With The Bender Ball, I don't have to worry, I know I am getting a great workout, and I can feel my heart working out too, but it isn't so hard or strenuous that I dread doing it.

Results started showing up fairly quickly for me-which we all know is the key to sticking with a workout routine!

You can learn more about The Bender Ball by visiting their website: www.benderball.com. You can order your own, check out free meal plans, tips on maximizing your workout results, and a healthy eating guide.

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