Monday, September 29, 2008

Fisher Price-My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing

So, as all of you know from my blog, my son JR has not been the easiest, nor happiest of babies. In fact, he has been known to cry for hours on end, as my husband and I try rocking, carrying,bouncing, and even wearing him in slings around the house to keep him happy. Some are hit and miss, and just depend on his mood, which can be frustrating for us, and of course makes us sad that we can't figure out what our son needs!

Well, no more of those days, my friends! Why? Because I found the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing!! This swing is AMAZING. You can see my son, here enjoying it and get a close up look of the swing:

The Fisher Price My Little Lamb has really saved my life. My son LOVES to see himself in the mirror that hangs above and the soft fabric is just so cuddly and gentle. Also, a fantastic feature is that the My Little Lamb swing can turn to sing 3 different ways! It can swing front to back facing left OR right, as well as the cradle side to side swinging, so I can change his viewing range without having to move the swing! Also, the swing is incredibly light and easily folds up to store in a closet or to just move to a new spot on the house.

As you can see in my video, there is a lovely toy and food tray on the swing, but what you can't see is how easily it comes on and off- I am able to do it one handed! Also, the the product designers at Fisher Price did an amazing job of making the swing so beautiful and eye pleasing, even with the tray is not attached! There are not bumpy or pointed edges my son might hit or scratch himself on when the tray is removed because it is all ONE PIECE (also incredibly easy to keep up with!) and the clips for the swing are on the bottom sides, so all my son has tucked around him is plush, soft, cradling fabric.

The music is wonderful, too. Soft nature sounds with birds, water, crickets, and frogs along with 8 nurturing lullaby music tracks. The great sound track choices, along with the softly colored moving mobile and mirror, keeps JR very happy and entertained as he focuses on the moving images and enjoys the soft music.

You can buy the swing here: Fisher Price

And trust me, it is well worth the price because it makes my son happy, and that my friends, makes me a happy Mommy!

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